In January this year, as part of my research project on severe storms in Europe with AXA Research Fund, I have started to develop a sounding climatology for Europe inspired by the one developed for the United States.  Instead of having the climatology on my computer I have developed a shiny app in R Studio so that anyone can access the data and build their own plots. The climatology can be accessed at:

The climatology is based on European soundings between 1980 and 2014 at 0000 UTC and 1200 UTC. The data are extracted from Atmospheric Soundings - Wyoming Weather Web. I have used a small number of thermodynamic parameters (i.e., CAPE, CIN, EL, LFC, temperature at the LCL and the average mixing ratio in the lowest 500 m as described here) and I am planning to add more parameters (e.g., vertical wind shear) based on your suggestions. 

To generate a plot you need first to select the time (0000 UTC or 1200 UTC) and then the sounding site by selecting the country and the city. The plot would show the annual distribution of the selected parameter (green line) and the moving median/mean (orange line). The number of days in the moving median/mean can be changed to any odd number. The 25th-75th, 10th-90th percentile and the minimum and maximum can also be added to the plot. 

Mouse over the plot would give you the exact values for a certain day. You can also zoom in by holding the left click on the mouse and drawing a rectangle on the plot, or you can select a time interval in the line plot beneath the main one. The values form the latest soundings can also be added to the plot by selecting "add the latest sounding". 

This is a test version of the sounding climatology and I would much appreciate any suggestion on how to improve it. 

AuthorBogdan Antonescu