A funny and interesting book about the "hidden silly side of higher education" (Wright 2017). Topics range from "Academic Publishing" (e.g., ATLAS Collaboration& Collaboration 2015 has 5,154 authors, 9 pages discussing the findings, and 24 pages listing the authors and their affiliations), and "Impact & Outreach" (e.g., Kardashian Index, Hall 2014, my K-index is 6.679 = "Kardashian"...), to "Conferences" (e.g., conference bingo, an excellent activity that keeps you engaged and awake at conferences), and "Academic Animals"** (e.g., Hetherington and Willard 1975).

Decision: highly recommended. 


*) Non-fiction book reviews in 300 words or less. 

**) Co-authoring a paper with a cat is on my bucket list (see photo). 




AuthorBogdan Antonescu
CategoriesBook Review